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Spa Los Altos is a significant aspect of the Los Altos experience. Our Spa is known for its skilled and certified professional estheticians and therapists; esthetically pleasing and soothing atmosphere; and for providing treatments using the highest quality therapeutic products.

Our desire is to provide you with the rare opportunity to experience two forms of balanced and renewing motion: remaining still while feeling your mind and body transcend. Choose from a range of massages and facials, as well as other rejuvenating and specialty treatments. You will emerge relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Swedish massage 

Distinguishes itself by combining gentle movements and techniques that favor strong circulation and the functioning of joints and nervous system.

Using a combination of massage techniques, friction complete body of all extremities is performed, the traditional therapeutic treatment, helps to increase circulation, improves skin appearance and muscle tone, in addition to relieving tired muscles. Pressure can range from mild to strong. 

Duration : 50Min/80Min    

Deep Tissue Massage                      

This massage uses the same movements of Swedish massage, but the pressure will be more intense. It is also a more individual type of massage because it t work on you those who may have chronic pain and muscle tension and contractions.

Through the channels of the meridians to unblock energy flows circulating through the legs. The pressure is adjusted in accordance with patient conditions. This special massage after a busy day.

Duration : 50Min/80Min

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy is very relaxing, it stimulates our senses, oxygenates the blood and balancing our chakras or energy centers, giving us a nice feeling of harmony. Heat, located primarily on the energy centers, spreads throughout the body.

The thoughts naturally focus on these points. The body relaxes. The heat from the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work, although the patient has painful tensions at the beginning of the session.

Then begins the real dance of stones throughout the body. Friction, pressure, vibration, all massage techniques can be used.

Duration : 50min/80Min

Couples Massage

You and your partner will enjoy the wonders of massage together!

Is the best way to spend time with that someone special. Two massage therapists will give you and your partner massages simultaneously side by side on separate massage tables.  

Duration : 50Min/80Min 

Four Hands Massage

Be amazed of its benefits!

Method of Indian origin, is inspired by the "Abhyanga" technique from the Indian medicine (Ayurveda), performed by two masseuses perfectly synchronized, providing the person who receives a total relaxation with a unique feel, imagine four expert hands while working on your muscles with a coordination that allows the elimination of contractures, relieving discomfort and various kinds of ailments quickly, because the 2 experts do the massage, you get the whole body at once. Is particularly suitable for people under great stress, waterlogging, nervousness, anxiety, etc...

Duration : 50Min

Chocolate Massage

Raise your spirit!

Cocoa is the ultimate antioxidant. A massage with chocolate will help regenerate your skin and fight free radicals that cause aging. This technique eliminates the tension, weakness, fatigue and stress, and tone and moisturizes the skin.

Duration : 50Min/80Min

Back Neck and Shoulders Massage 

This type of massage focuses attention on release tension accumulated in the main areas, gives the body a state of peace and tranquility of mind through the proper motions.

Duration : 25Min

Treatment Duration
Classic pedicure 40mins

Classic Spa pedicure



Treatment Duration
Anti-age facial 50 mins
Hydrating Facial 50 mins
Gentleman Facial 50 mins
Mini Organic Facial 25 mins


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