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Manuel Antonio Quepos Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio & Quepos Costa Rica is a small Pacific coastal region that offers one of the most exotic fishing spots in the world. In fact, it is one of the most visited sportfishing places around the world. Quepos and its nearby town Manuel Antonio are among the most visited sportfishing spots in Costa Rica. These places are especially famous as the best spots for releasing pacific sailfishes. They offer year-round adventure of enjoying the ocean, many species of marine life, and the best tropical water fishing. 

Many fishing companies can be found in the charming beach village of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. These companies offer different types of fishing packages including both offshore and inshore fishing. You can charter boats for half-day, three-quarter, and full day along with customized trips for multiple days. Sport fishes that are available in this region are Marlin, Snapper (mahi mahi), Wahoo, Sailfish, Jacks, Roosterfish, Snook, Tuna, Dorado, and many more. 

Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos can be divided into two parts – offshore and inshore fishing. Offshore fishing is normally carried out 20 to 40 miles out in blue deep sea. Inshore fishing is done inside the bay where the water is shallower. The normal depth of such spots tends to be 1 to 21 feet. 

Offshore Fishing: 

Sailfish: The peak time of catching these fishes is from January to July but they are available through the year round. They are not as powerful or bigger as Marlin but are available and easy to find. They are the fastest fish in the ocean and are great for those looking to fly fish in Costa Rica. During peak season, it is very common for any boat to catch 10-20 Sailfish in a single day. The number decreases to 3-8 per day during off-peak season.

Blue Marlin: These fishes are the most common variety of Marlins that cruises the water throughout the year. The peak season of Marlins consists of three months – October, November, and December. 

Their speed and aggressiveness have made them a great fight for any angler. Quepos is one of the best areas to fish Marlins. The best spots to find them are natural shelves and humps that form on the floor of the ocean. 

Amberjack: These fishes cannot jump like Barracuda but they have enormous strength. They are considered as trophy fish and the anglers take pleasure in catching them. Depending on places, they are available in gold and purple color. 

Dorado/Dolphin/Mahi Mahi: Available in gold-green and blue color, these game fishes are found in warm waters. November, December, and January are the months when their presence is abundant but June and July are the best period to have a shot at the biggest Dorado. 

Tuna: Yellowfin Tuna is the most common Tuna species available on the Pacific coast. Though they are available throughout the year, the peak season lasts from June to September. Big Tunas are not available but large schools of small Tunas are not rare too. 

Rainbow Runner: This excellent food fish is a member of the Carangidae family but looks slimmer than other jacks look. 

Inshore Fishing:

Wahoo: These fishes cruise through the water with their lean and extended bodies. They are not available and a bit difficult to catch due to their 40mph speed. They are considered as trophy fish because of their rarity. The anglers have to use steel leaders as they have razor sharp teeth like Barracuda. 

The anglers generally catch Wahoo while looking for other oceanic species. They can be found anywhere but concentrate away from the Pacific coast during summer season. 

Barracuda: These aggressive fishes are known as the ‘Tiger of the Sea’. They are found in places where schools of small fishes are available. By jumping out of the water, they often give the anglers an aerial display at inshore.

Roosterfish: This light tackle gamefish is available throughout the year. These monstrous fishes are incredibly strong and almost bend the anglers’ rod with brutal power. They are attracted to live baits like blue runners or mullets. 

Red Snapper: It is one of the most expensive fishes that is highly valuable to anglers and fishermen. They are easy to tackle and tend to be from 3 to 50 pounds. Sometimes, 50+ pounders can also be found and caught.

Snook: These fishes are available near river mouths, in the surf, and near mangroves. They are found in both fresh and salt water and can rival Snapper and Dorado with their tastiness. The heavy rain season from July to November is the best period to catch them. 

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