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Isn’t life on land sometimes a bit overrated? In Costa Rica, adventure extends beyond just dry land. Out here, the Pacific Ocean is a potent, ever present force offering tourists not only a stunning view, but a ceaseless playground of wonder, inspiration and adrenaline rush. Many people don’t often think about it, but the ocean is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem of underwater life made up of a thrilling range of color, shape, and type. Whether on or below the water, you are in for many new discoveries!

As our guest at Los Altos we will be more than happy to schedule for you any of these exciting water adventures!


Price: $ 65
Time: Tour Times depend on the Ocean Tides. Private Tours Available- please inquire with us.
Difficulty: Easy and ideal for Family Adventure Travelers ( recommended for senior citizens and children)
Requirements: Casual yet comfortable clothes and shoes for tropical weather, good for all ages, individuals, families or even large groups, and don’t forget your camera.
What to Bring: Suntan lotion, sunglasses, camera, hat, visor, mosquito repellent.
Includes: Round trip transportation, bilingual guides and naturalists, high-tech ultra-quiet estuary boats, a terrific hot meal, security, snacks and refreshments.

This adventure of Costa Rican natural history – it’s exotic flora and fauna — is highly recommended for any naturalist, young or old, who wants to experience first hand the pulse of the mangrove ecosystem. Let our world-class, highly trained, bilingual guides and naturalists steer you peacefully and comfortably in a high-tech, ultra-quiet estuary boats as the wildlife comes to you – sometimes right into the boat! Experience curious families of monkeys as they migrate across the mangrove ecosystem – which includes your boat – in search of food and adventure. And discover the secret ways different exotic trees of Costa Rica replenish the environment worldwide, yet sustain themselves for decades of growth.

Wind through acres of a protected, pristine Costa Rican estuary as your experienced guides educate you on the secrets – both past and present – of the mangrove eco-structure so vital to Costa Rica and the world as well. And don’t forget to point out the caimans, sloths, crocodiles, boas, white face monkeys, egrets, and so many more species of wildlife, as your boat leisurely winds its way through the mangrove channels along the gentle currents of the coastal tides. And finally, end your adventure with a relaxing yet rewarding meal in typical Costa Rican flavor at a local “hot spot” restaurant before you return to your hotel.

Don’t expect to come experience this adventure as it slowly fades away on the international landscape of extinct ecosystems. Come, learn, and experience a delicate treasure Costa Ricans are so desperately trying (and successfully) working to preserve – the mangroves. And maybe you will become a part of preserving not only a Costa Rican treasure, but a needed intricate ecosystem necessary for the world’s habitat balance as well. Enjoy, but leave changed, and leave to possibly help change this delicate ecosystem for the better.


Your adventure aboard this comfortable boat begins as you travel along the scenic coast navigating past the beautiful beaches and islands of Manuel Antonio National Park. You will stop for swimming and snorkeling and probably see dolphins, which frequently swim in the boat’s bow wake. Occasionally whales and giant sea turtles are also sighted.

1. Sailboat

Includes: Transportation, snorkeling equipment, beverages and dinner
Pick-up time: 8:30 a.m. & 1:20 p.m.
Price: $70ºº per person
What to Bring: camera, suntan lotion, bathing suit, towel, hat
Difficulty: Easy

2. Motorboat or Catamaran:

*Information: This is a tour specialized in Dolphin and Marine Wildlife watching.
Includes: Transportation, snorkeling equipment, beverages and dinner
Pick up time: 8:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.
Price: $70ºº per person (Catamaran), $60ºº pp (Motorboat)
What to Bring: camera, suntan lotion, bathing suit, towel, hat
Difficulty: Easy 


Enjoy a unique 2-hour excursion on Yamaha wave runners to see the sights around Manuel Antonio National Park. Jungle Coast Jet Ski Tours has been in business for over 10 years. Current management has owned the company since November 2007. All of the Jet Skis are low emission because the company is always trying to preserve our precious environment.

The dingy will bring you from the Quepos pier to the platforms where we have the jet skis. Here your guide will give you a safety briefing and show you how to use the machines. On the platforms there are lockers where you may store your personal items. Each Jet Ski has a small dry compartment where you a can store small necessary items such as cameras.

Price: Singles $130 / Doubles $160
Policies: Drivers need to be at least 16 years old. Children 4 to 8 years old are free, with an adult. Children under 18 need a parent signature in order to go on the tour.
Pick Up Times: 7:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm
Tour Includes: Pick up and drop off at any local hotel or home, fully bilingual guides, life vests, snorkeling in a pristine bay, snorkeling equipment, snacks and refreshments
What to Bring: Sunglasses, sandals or water shoes (pier is hot), sun protection (lotion, hat, shirt), towel, waterproof camera

KAYAKING - Mangrove / Damas Island Kayaking

Instead of enjoying one of our most popular tours in a high-tech, ultra-quiet estuary boat on our Mangrove Boat Tour, why not experience the Damas Island Estuary and Mangrove ecosystem first hand — in an open-seat kayak. Spend a few luxuriously indulgent hours paddling with the currents as your highly trained, bilingual naturalist guides reveal the protected inland waterways of the Damas Estuary and mangrove habitat. Explore an unforgettable plethora of flora and fauna as you learn about, experience, and participate in our magical Costa Rican mangrove and tropical rain forest ecosystem — but don’t forget your camera.

Paddle comfortably as an intimate group under the shade of several tall species of mangroves, which grow only in select areas of the world and in Costa Rica. The pace of this adventure is determined by your abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop and observe (or learn about) – all in its natural and breathtaking habitat. Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the mangroves, and listen to the songs of the various marine birds as they glide over your kayak curiously looking for adventure. And whenever you want, stop and enjoy some local fresh fruits and refreshments as you pause to savor your adventures thus far.

This kayak tour is an unforgettably memorable experience that will help you understand and explain the exotic secrets and treasures of our Costa Rican tropical rain forest. And after your adventure, yet depending upon the time your trip began, enjoy a delicious and well-deserved Tico style meal (a hot breakfast, lunch or dinner) at one of our local Manuel Antonio restaurants.

Come learn about our delicate Costa Rican mangrove estuary and ecosystem — so uniquely different than other parts of the world. Then return with the knowledge of how important it is to Costa Rica — and the world environment — to preserve this delicate yet vital aspect of life that intricately fits into the ecosystem of our entire known world.

Price: $ 65. Single or Double Open-Seat Kayaks Available
Time: Tour Times depend on the Ocean Tides
Difficulty: Moderate
Requirements: Excellent for adventurous individuals, families or groups of any age who want to learn and experience nature first hand – but children under age 10 might have to paddle in a double kayak with an adult. We recommend that you are relatively physically fit for paddling in an open-seat kayak for a few hours, and please wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes that might get wet.
What to Bring: Suntan lotion, sunglasses, waterproof camera, hat, visor, mosquito repellent, bathing suit and beach towel.
Includes: Round trip transportation, bilingual guides and naturalists, kayaks and all equipment needed, security, a great hot meal, snacks and drinks