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The Los Altos community fully and intimately understands the concept of shared space, which is a major part of the eco-tourism philosophy in Costa Rica. In today’s world of rapid and callous change, we believe in the necessity of thoughtful and conscientious development in order to promote the right kind of environmental sustainability. When we discovered the land we would eventually use to grow our resort and spa, we made a pact to respect and retain the eternal quality of the natural surroundings. 

One of our founding desires was to create a fun, elegant and accessible space in sync with the invaluable essence of the land upon which we were building. In possession of 5% of the world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica, a small country relative to the sheer quantity of wildlife it hosts, is truly one of a kind. We wish for it to remain that way for all generations to come. Adhering to the principles behind eco-friendly tourism, we seek to achieve maximum pleasure at a minimum impact to Costa Rica’s unique natural environment. 

It’s easy to talk about doing what it takes to lessen the human impact on the environment, but it’s another thing entirely to take the real and necessary steps toward creating a harmony between our actions and the needs of our natural community. As a guest at Los Altos we welcome you to consider what it takes to be a part of the solution. Not only would we like for our guests to leave Costa Rica feeling happy and refreshed, we are also passionate about exposing them to what makes the country so unique.

First, our carefully designed building plan means we get to preserve more of what makes Los Altos so unique -  the natural surroundings. The more we leave untouched, the more you get to enjoy the authenticity and quality of Costa Rica’s landscape.

Although it might rain a lot in Costa Rica at certain times of the year, water is still a precious resource. With this in mind, we have installed an ingeniously designed water treatment system. Our goal is to ensure that water use at Los Altos is efficiently used and not wasted.

Since Costa Rica thrives on its sustainable relationship with its natural environment, we are eager to do what it takes to reduce our imprint. Upon arrival we offer information to our guests about the wise use of resources. For example, we offer our guests the option not to have their sheets changed daily. This significantly helps reduce the amount of water used at Los Altos.

And last but not least, Los Altos makes sure to recycle all that can be recycled, and has made sure that all the amenities are made of biodegradable materials. No action is too small or insignificant in the context of making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place.