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7 Tips for Booking Cheap International Flights

Many countries in Europe and all around the world are currently allowing US citizens to enter. There may be some restrictions, including vaccine requirements, pre-arrival testing and others. But as long as you follow those regulations and have cheapest flights to and from your exotic city, you are going to enjoy your International travel. Finding International flights within your budget, however, may be an uphill task, and therefore we have listed these incredible tips for you to be able to book cheap airline tickets.

Befriend local airlines

This trick may not be applicable for all International destinations, but it does work many. Please find out the names of all the local airlines that connect your nearest airport to your destination and book airplane tickets for them. Check the Internet for deals and offers. See if you can snag some additional discounts on flights. Also, know about the currency they charge you in, and if you are billed in the local currency – add the exchange fee to the base fare.

Book in foreign currency

This process may take some of your time and effort. Find out the flights and flight sellers that bill you in local currencies. Do not forget to add the exchange fee to the base fare. Check if you credit card levy’s you with exchange fee. Go ahead and complete your airlines tickets. We understand that this step may feel a little tedious. If you don’t want to take all that hassle or realize that whatever savings you score isn’t worth your time – check out our following steps.

Book in advance

If you know when and where you will be traveling, book your plane tickets well in advance and save on airfares. Booking a couple of months in advance will at least save you from overpaying. Last minute flights in case of International travel may be rare and highly costly as fares increase within two weeks from the travel date.     

Book connecting flights

Doing a little homework before you grab your credit card and book flights can help you save a significant amount of money. Know a few air routes to reach your destination and ask your agent for suggestions. Don’t hold back from one or more layovers if the savings are worth your time. You may also stop at your layover city for a day or more since flights these days may be late for a wide variety of reasons. We, however, recommend you to know the airport you fly into has entry and exit fees. 

Avoid flying in touristy seasons

We know that traveling may be more fun during the busy months when all the tourist attractions remain open and restaurants and shopping areas stay open till late at night. However, more tourists mean expensive accommodation and food. If you want to enjoy a budget trip without compromising on the fun part – travel during shoulder seasons when weather conditions are good, popular tourist sites aren’t too packed and everything is reasonably priced. You must avoid traveling during the major festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year Eye as plane tickets and accommodations may be exorbitant on these days.

Be flexible with departure and return dates

Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly. Well, that isn’t always true. Be flexible with your travel dates and find out the cheapest days to fly. Check out the fares available for an entire month or more and choose your departure and return dates. Many online booking platforms allow you to check fares for different days in just a few clicks. You can even contact a live agent and know your options.

Sign up for fare alerts

This is one of the smartest ways to find cheap tickets. Sign up for fare alerts and receive updates in your email. It’s free, and generally, you receive one to two updates in a week. Start checking your inbox for deals a couple of months before you have to travel. Book your flights as soon as you find a decent airfare deal.


6 Islands in the United Island to Visit in the Fall

A picturesque Island tucked somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city makes for a perfect vacation. You get some time for yourself while covering the coastlines on foot, diving in the ocean or kayaking through the waters. If you dream for vacations like that, here in this post, we are telling you about 5 of the best Islands you can visit in the fall.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Widely popular amongst summer travelers, Nantucket is located in New England, just off of Cape Cod. The beaches and other popular sites of the island are often thronged by tourists and accommodation charges therefore increase. You should rather book your trip in the fall months when you will not be surrounded by hundreds of fellow tourists and have to pay less for flights and accommodations. Just a short ferry ride away from the Cape’s Harwich Port and Medford, Massachusetts, Nantucket is also accessible from New York City and Highland. You can check the costs of plane tickets to all these cities from your nearest airport and save on fares too.

Kauai, Hawaii

One of Hawaii’s lesser touristy islands – Kauai, is a destination for those who enjoy nature and serenity. Fall in Kauai are especially adorable and fun. The island’s beaches are known for snorkeling and boogie boarding and you don’t have to be an expert surfer to enjoy the water-based activities here. Ka Lea O Kaiwa beach, Poipu beach, and Lawa’i Beach are some of the best beaches you can visit if you like water sports. A few miles inland, you can rent bikes and explore the villages and local markets along the coast. Lihue Airport serves the island and if you are traveling in fall, you may find cheap flight tickets to this airport.

Islamorada Island, Florida

Approximately 150 miles wide and 20 miles long, Islamorada Island is a scenic island located about a 90-minute drive away from Miami. It’s a part of Florida Keys and receives considerably fewer tourists and that adds to its charm. You get to enjoy beaches, local shops and eateries without putting an effort to avoid crowds.  Sportfishing is one of the most common activities on the island that’s enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Besides, there are many parks and reserves where you can go for hiking, kayaking and other adventurous activities. Book your airline tickets and accommodations at least a couple of weeks in advance to save on your overall travel budget.


Deer Isle, Maine

Deer Isle, another idyllic New England getaway, is located south of Bangor in Maine. The island is easily accessible via flights from all around the United States. The island has a couple of small towns that are known for history and unique art scenes. It doesn’t receive much crowd even during the peak tourist seasons, i.e., summer. You can easily get how to find cheap airline tickets to Deer Isle almost throughout the year. Winter is when you can find airlines tickets to Deer Island at the lowest rates. The island also serves as a starting off point for reserves and parks nearby. You can also find many restaurants and art galleries all across the island.

Plum Island, Massachusetts

Plum Island is situated just off the coast of northeastern Massachusetts. It’s an ideal destination for those willing to escape the fast-paced life of cities and spend some time lying out at a beach. You can enjoy scenic views of the ocean from almost anywhere on the island and the eleven miles long shoreline offers the best views of sunset and sunrise. Once here, you can stroll along the beach and soak in the local New England Culture and food. There are places to go for bird watching, hiking and trekking. Fall months see a considerable amount of tourists and therefore consider booking your airplane tickets at least a month in advance. Last minute flights to Plum Island in any season can be costly.


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If you know when and where you will be traveling, book your plane tickets well in advance and save on airfares. Booking a couple of months in advance will at least save you from overpaying. Last minute flights in case of International travel may be rare and highly costly as fares increase within two weeks from the travel date.     


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