10 Vacation Tips for International Travel with Kids

Did you give up on your traveling dreams after having kids and starting a family? Would you be surprised if we told you that doing so isn’t necessary? Well, prepare to be surprised! Just because you have children doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world and explore new things. In

7 Can’t Miss Manuel Antonio Tours in the Jungle

It may be one of the newest National Parks, (nearly 100 years younger than Yellowstone), but it's arguably one of the most stunning. Manuel Antonio National Park offers everything outdoor adventurers could hope for. From rainforests to explore, to snorkeling, to white water rafting, there's enough to keep you busy even if all

A Couple’s Paradise: 7 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do in Manuel Antonio

You’ve been looking forward to your exotic vacation all year. Every time you had a tough day at work, you pictured yourself on the beach. Every time your neighbors annoyed you, you envisioned yourself getting on that plane and soaring away. For too many people, though, the vacation finally arrives

Costa Rica’s Pura Vida: What Does the Country’s Motto Really Mean

If you’re going to Costa Rica one phrase that you will absolutely hear being thrown around a lot is Pura Vida. This word is literally their way of life so it’s best that you familiarize yourself with it before you go. The thing is you want to do more than

Costa Rican Adventures: The Best Manuel Antonio Surf Spots

Over 1.7 million people visit the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. Surfers flock here for the beautiful waves and amazing adventures. Manuel Antonio surfing spots are growing in popularity over the years. With great sights and uncrowded waves, this has to go on every surfer’s bucket list. Manuel Antonio has

The History of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica You Didn’t Know About

Costa Rica is a place defined by the phrase “pura vida.” In English, this directly translates to “pure life,” but it means so much more than that. It describes the relaxed, simple way of life that Costa Ricans enjoy. This outlook on life makes Costa Rica one of the best

The Top 10 Most Luxurious Manuel Antonio Hotels for Your Next Vacation

You work hard for what you have, but all that hard work can often snowball into an entire quarter of long hours, sleepless nights, and tons of stress. If you and your family are ready for an escape from the hustle of the day to day, a trip to the

The Most Exciting Things to Do at Manuel Antonio National Park

Costa Rica is a prime vacation spot for any world traveler, but the Manuel Antonio National Park is one of its main destinations. Between the countless beaches, active volcanos, and other assorted national parks, you may feel a little overwhelmed trying to narrow down your choices. But having been named

9 Restaurants You Should Visit When Vacationing in Manuel Antonio

Are you headed to Manual Antonio for your next vacation? If you’re not, you should be. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, is filled with fun and adventure you’ll never forget. Have you ever wanted to zip line through a jungle? How about going white water rafting? Manuel Antonio is a perfect

10+ Things to Pack For Your Vacation to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

With tourism representing around 6% of the GDP of Costa Rica, that figure is more significant than it might seem. It represents billions of dollars devoted to people traveling to the country to see its beautiful landscapes. If you’re thinking about a vacation to Manuel Antonio, you’re making a decision

Top Things To Do in Manuel Antonio National Park

The worst kind of journey is one not taken. More often than not the most difficult part of any journey is planning and organizing it. Even if I know what my destination is, I find that organizing activities can be the most nerve-wracking and frustrating part of it. With so

5 Family Friendly Tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for newlyweds, young people, and families alike. The country is full of incredible adventures and a unique culture that is suitable for all ages and interests. The trick is to find the best Costa Rican adventure for you and your family! Not

7 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio

Over 60% of people plan to take a trip this year. But when it comes to choosing a destination, many travelers go with Costa Rica. In fact, it’s the most recommended travel destination in the world. Finding the perfect hotel, on the other hand, is often a bit more challenging.

10 Reasons to Take a Luxury Costa Rica Vacation

Approximately 1.7 million tourists travel to Costa Rica each year. Why? Because Costa Rica is one of the most magical places on earth. It pretty much defines the ideal vacation. Whether you’re looking to find relaxation, peace, and quiet, adventure through the rainforest and volcanic mountains, or experience exotic wildlife,

10 Breathtaking Sights to See in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Thinking about booking a trip to Costa Rica? Then you need to learn about Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. If you plan to make a stop there during your Costa Rica adventures, then we’re here to help. Check out these 10 sights to see and do during your Costa Rica vacation.

10 Tips for Planning an Awesome Costa Rica Family Vacation

If you’re organizing a trip to Costa Rica, you’re probably preparing for the time of your life. So much so in fact, that you don’t even know where to begin your search for activities and things to do. Of course, you should make a checklist of things that sound appealing.

How to Spend Your Winter in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Winter can bring many difficulties that make our day-to-day existence a little less than thrilling. From bundling you and your dogs up for the daily dog walks to shoveling snow and ice of your car, winter can be a nasty female pooch. Unless you’re an Eskimo or Elsa from Frozen,

5 Places You Must Visit During Your Trip To Manuel Antonio

Long before Ponce de Leon discovered Manuel Antonio in 1519, the Quepoa were happily living there and enjoying of nearby rivers, jungles, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and of course, the ocean and all the bounty it had to offer. The Quepoa were known as the fiercest tribe in the region

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